Buchanan Country ATV Trails: Shoe maintenance tips

Since shoes are used daily, some people tend to overlook the importance of taking good care of them. Proper maintenance of your footwear is vital so that it will stay in great condition for a long time. Failing to pay attention to possible problems can lead to damaging it and having to scrap it when it would have still been saved. Avoid this from happening in the first place by applying the different shoes maintenance tips here at Buchanan Country ATV Trails:

Protect them from any moisture

Little do many people know that shoes hate moisture which often results in it accumulating bacteria and looking dirty. Refrain this from happening by keeping your footwear from any moisture like wrapping them in newspapers and using certain pouches to store them properly.

Clean them regularly

Ideally, it’s best to not wear the same pair of shoes all the time since it keeps them more prone to dirt. Once this happens, remember to clean them whenever you can to maintain their natural colour or else, they might fade through time because of the accumulated dust. Try keeping them away from any regularly used home slippers to avoid the filth from settling on them.

Keep them away from direct sunlight

Most people make the mistake of putting their shoes under the sun which only damages them afterwards. It’s best to keep them away from any extreme heat or direct sunlight to avoid any dry-rotting or stiffening of the footwear. Moreover, you need to keep them in a controlled environment so they can have a longer life span.

Avoid washing them

Although cleaning your shoes is important, you should never put them inside a washing machine or else, they’ll get damaged. This is especially important for the canvas or knit types since the soles will easily tear down as a result. The best way to polish them is by mixing warm water and a small amount of mild laundry detergent then using a brush to scrub every corner.

Clean your shoe sole

Soles are the foundation of a great pair of shoes so it’s crucial to keep them clean at all times. Maintain their tidiness by tapping your shoes together to let the loose dust easily fall off. If you plan to scrub them, use a brush to get rid of any extra dirt. As for the grooves within the soles, it’s best to use a dry paintbrush so you can reach its deepest ends.

Dry your feet

Before wearing your shoes, it’s important to dry your feet first so that any excess moisture won’t get inside them. Moreover, having wet feet can cause moulds to accumulate so it’s best to avoid that from happening in the first place. Apart from that, it can result in health issues on your end so take this tip as a safety precaution as well.

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