Different types of shoes

By definition, shoes are a type of footwear that covers your foot and protects it with a sole. It comes in many different styles, colours and types fitting for various occasions like workouts or formal events. Picking the right pair for you can prove to be tricky if you’re not familiar with the different kinds of shoes available. That’s why we made a list of the most common selections that you’ll find at Buchanan Country ATV Trails. Jump into the details below:

Athletic shoes

Commonly known as sneakers, athletic shoes have a rubber sole and a canvas material on their upper side. It’s made to be worn for any physical activity like going for a run or playing a certain sport. Moreover, this comes in multiple variations depending on their purpose. For example, most running shoes have an extra sole support feature to protect your feet from ground impact.

Meanwhile, there are also tennis shoes that are known to be flexible so that you can move from one corner to the other while playing the said sport without any problems. On another hand, basketball shoes usually have a high-top style that reaches the ankles and provides stability whenever you are playing.

Ballet flats

Although ballet flats were initially made for ballerinas, they can now be worn by anyone for daily use. It has a lace-up variation that can easily be slipped on whenever and wherever you want. Interestingly, this has a rubber sole which makes it a comfortable go-to choice for most women since it fits any kind of outfit. A great example of this is the Mary Jane shoes with a strap across the top with a ballet flat base.

Boat shoes

Unlike most types of footwear, boat shoes are usually worn without a pair of socks. It comes in either a canvas or leather slip-on design that has rubber soles with a cut pattern that prevents you from slipping when you walk on wet decks. As its name suggests, this footwear is perfect for those going for a boat ride or walking through slippery floors because of its great grip.

The most popular boat shoe brands to consider are Sperry, Speedo and Astral Brewer. You can also take a look through the different shoe options available at the website of Buchanan Country ATV Trails today.

Brogue shoes

Brogue shoes refer to any type of footwear which has a low-heel with hole perforations. They are commonly made out of leather and are usually worn by men. A good example of this is a wingtip which is a brogue with a w-shaped, pointed toe cap with wings that are found at the side of the shoe until the ball of the foot.

Although it is often compared to Oxford shoes, these are two different types of footwear. Oxfords have a closed-lacing system on them which is more appropriate for formal setups while brogues have a more decorative design that’s not ideal for black tie events.


Clogs are any slip-on shoe that has a thick, wooden sole and an open back. It’s traditional footwear often found in the Netherlands that covers most of a person’s feet, especially when they are doing some groundwork like attending to cows or doing construction work. Since it’s so popular in the Netherlands, there’s an actual museum of it in the country which displays over 2,200 pairs of this wooden footwear.

Even if clogs are often used for traditional events for many Dutch people, it now has modern variations that could be utilised for everyday use. It was once dubbed as a go-to summer shoe that goes well with different kinds of outfits like a boho blouse and midi skirt combo and some overalls.


Known for their flexible and comfortable sole, the espadrilles are a great shoe to wear for the summer. It’s designed with a fibre sole and a canvas upper with a lace-up around the ankles. The most common varieties of this include flat and platform shoes.

The first record of the espadrilles was in the 13th century in a region in France. However, it was only made popular by the brand Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) around the 1970s when it added a wedge design which appealed to many women at that time until today. The best espadrille brands to consider apart from YSL are Off-White, Soludos, Stuart Weitzman and Toms, which you can shop here on our website.

Flip flops

Distinguished by their Y-shaped strap that separates the big toe from the others, flip flops are flat sandals that are perfect for those who want to stroll the beach. It’s casual footwear that’s popular during the summer since it’s comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover, it’s perfect for wearing every day even if you’re not at the beach, such as going to the mall or doing quick errands. The most popular flip flops brands are Olukai Ohana, Havaianas and Tory Burch which are often worn by big-name celebrities wherever they go.

High heels

Any shoe that has at least a one-inch heel on it can already be referred to as a high heel. It comes in many styles and designs like sandals and stilettos. Most women love to wear this type of footwear because it boosts their confidence and makes them look more visually appealing to the eye. Moreover, it gives an illusion of appearing leaner and taller because it arches your back.

Although wearing high heels for a long time can be uncomfortable, many still opt to challenge themselves for a more fashionable look. Additionally, high heels work wonders when you wear them for special occasions like weddings and formal events.


Loafers are slip-on shoes that have a small heel and a rounded toe with two main variations. One of which is made of leather which is ideal for formal occasions. Meanwhile, the other type has a fabric material that’s more suitable for casual wear. Another interesting variation of it is the Penny loafers which is a version with a leather strap on top.

Since loafers are versatile, it goes well with any kind of outfit so it’s a perfect shoe investment. If you’re interested in buying one, the most popular brands include Santoni, Gucci and Christian Louboutin.

Oxford shoes

Go for a more dramatic feel with Oxford shoes which are classic dress shoes that you can never go wrong with. It’s described to have a low heel with a slightly pointed toe that’s usually in brown or black leather. A famous variation of it is the cap-toe Oxford that has horizontal stitching on the toe box which is ideal for formal occasions.

Although Oxford shoes are usually worn by men, it also has different available styles for women. Many brands showcased Oxford shoes for the female population as of late which include Dadawen, Skechers, Eastland Sadie and Dr Martens. Find a great selection of Doc Martens on our website by signing up to become a member now.

Monk strap shoes

Monk strap shoes look similar to Oxford shoes but its main difference is with its enclosure. The former has a wider strap across the vamp while the latter uses laces. As its name implies, this footwear was initially made for monks who wanted a closed version of traditional monk strap sandals. Hence, these shoes were made for their use that could withstand rough terrains with their outstanding durability features.

Platform shoes

If you want a shoe with a heel and a thick sole, the platform shoes are a great choice since it helps elevate your foot from the ground without hurting too much. It’s comfortable enough to wear for long periods and has many variations from sandals to boots. The best platform shoes for women are as follows:

  • Superga Women’s Platform Fashion Sneakers
  • Steve Madden Women’s Elore Sneakers
  • Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe Platform Sneakers
  • Cape Robbin Radio Holographic Platform Ankle Boots.


Slingbacks are any shoe with a covered toe and a strap that goes around the heels to secure the footwear. It has two main variations namely the slingback heels and slingback flats. Not only is this fashionable but is also comfortable to wear for most women. Many even said that it’s perfect for a whole day’s use regardless of where you’re going. According to a feature by Marie Claire magazine, the most popular brands with a slingback design are the following:

  • Nine West
  • Prada
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Sarah Flint
  • Anne Klein
  • Guess
  • Louis Vuitton.

Strappy sandals

As its name suggests, strappy sandals are designed with a strap across the foot and oftentimes reaches up to the ankles. It has several varieties from flats to high heels. Wearing this type of sandals is ideal for a comfortable feel whenever you are walking around somewhere for a long time. Moreover, it avoids any cramps on your feet and looks stylish since it fits any kind of outfit.

For more information about shoes, you can browse through all of them here at Buchanan Country ATV Trails. We also showcase amazing deals to help you get the best shoes at an affordable price.

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