Popular shoe brands in the world

These are the world’s most well-known shoe companies right now. The public’s perception of the shoe has changed throughout the years. The crescendo of the sneaker’s transformation from racing shoe to runway gold is well underway, and it seems that it will continue.

With the help of designers and big-name businesses, shoe styles have pushed the boundaries in every way. These are only a few of the world’s most well-known shoe companies right now.


I think it’s one of the few companies that actually innovate and change the game. When it comes to footwear, Nike has a long and successful history of producing world-beating footwear. 

The Air Max, the Air Force 1, and the Air Jordan are all shoe dynasties. Nike is the most recognisable and most sought-after brand in the world.


It’s the Nike vs. Adidas showdown. The fierce competition between these two companies has resulted in some of the most daring footwear designs… and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

You might make the case that Adidas is the victor here, thanks to their use of ultra-lightweight materials and innovative sole designs. The Stan Smith and the Superstar spring to mind as renowned classics.


Puma has been quietly working away in the background, polishing the classics, while its competitors have been making a lot of noise. Also, coming up with brand-new ones.

Their take on the chunky trainer trend is a wonderful illustration of this. They’ve given it its own unique spin and made it more affordable for people with tighter budgets. You can see Puma’s Thunder Electric sneaker in action here. With the vivid colour and retro-inspired style, these sneakers are sure to turn heads.

Sneaker brands you’ve probably never heard of but are incredibly influential

Sometimes, you don’t need the big names to drive the people crazy with amazing shoes. Hence, these are some of the most underrated shoe businesses in the world: 

Arkk Copenhagen 

ARKK’s futuristic shoes may appear like they’re from the year 3000, but they’re really made in Denmark. They’re designed to look futuristic. Scandi minimalism and futuristic style have been combined in an unprecedented way by the company.

Shoes that defy convention and are hard to categorise are the product of this experimentation. They’re personal trainers with a passion for fitness and a keen eye for the latest trends. 

Good News 

Good News, a British sustainable footwear company, makes recycling appealing by using repurposed materials in their skate-inspired designs. As part of its commitment to social responsibility, the company provides unwanted merchandise to the homeless.

Chunky soles (made from repurposed rubber tyres) and textured or patterned uppers are two of the brand’s eccentric characteristics.


To be fair, no matter how you feel about the French, you can’t dispute that they know how to work an atelier. Surprisingly, this national affinity for style goes all the way down to the toes. 

This is evident by looking at Zespa’s artisanally created footwear, which is available only from the Southern French shoe manufacturer.

Zespa’s style of elegant minimalism is right up there with the likes of Common Projects, thanks to its small batch production and use of quality Nappa leather. There is just one difference: these ones are a little bit more affordable.

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